Tuesday, April 24, 2007

16 Years Ago

I thought I would take a break from relating the story of my journey to Orthodoxy tonight to tell you about something that happened on this day 16 years ago. 16 years ago today, my life changed forever, for on that day Jennifer and I had our first baby. Yes, my Audrey is now "Sweet Sixteen."

Audrey doesn't like it when I brag on her too much; it embarasses her. Suffice it to say that she has been a real blessing to my life and to Jennifer's. Sure, there have been plenty of hard times, as well as many fights and arguments. Still, most parents of a 16-year-old would gladly trade places with Jennifer and me. Audrey is truly a wonderful kid. She does well in school, helps a lot around the house, is a gifted musician, and, most importantly, she loves the Lord Jesus.

I am very proud of her. I love her very much.

So, if you see her in the near future, please wish her a happy birthday.

May the Lord bless and keep you all.


DebD said...

Happy Birthday and many years to your daughter!

Anonymous said...

I am late, but Happy Birthday, Audrey. I remember you as a neighbor in Sarajevo a few years ago. God bless you,

Dana Whitfield