Thursday, April 17, 2008

Update on Jarrod and Helen

Here's an update on my coworker Helen's son Jarrod, who has been in critical condition for several weeks now (click here for the original post on his situation.).

Only a couple of days after I wrote the post about Jarrod, he came very close to dying. Since then, thank God, he has improved quite a bit, so much so that Helen came back to work last Monday and has been in the office each day since then. This morning, she flew back to Chicago to be with Jarrod again, because he is having surgery to have a tracheotomy (sp?) installed, as well as a feeding tube (he has been fed only through an IV since he first fell ill in mid-March).

His lung capacity is better--he has only been 45% on the ventilator (when I last posted it was 100%). In short, he is still not out of the woods, although it does seem pretty certain now that he will survive. The question is how much permanent damage will be sustained. Please do continue to keep him in your prayers. Pray for 100% healing.

By the way, I showed Helen the first blog post, and she was touched. She thanks you all for your prayers. I do too.


Mary Brigid said...

Good news. They will remain on my prayer list.

I'm excited about the news of your book!


Clint said...

This is certainly good news! I look forward to the next update when we hear that he has recovered completely.

My prayers continue for everyone involved.