Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Biblical Lifestyle?

I came across the following blurb in Touchstone magazine, a quirky but excellent magazine written by a combination of Orthodox, traditional Roman Catholic, and conservative Protestant Christians.

“We prayed and prayed and prayed about it and God put it in our hearts to practice the Biblical lifestyle,” a Louisiana woman, representing a reportedly growing number of Evangelical polygamists, told Columbia News Service. A leader of the movement claims that there are 50,000 Christian polygamists and credits the Internet with bringing together isolated people looking for “sister wives.”
Touchstone doesn’t give the exact link to the source of this story, but after quite some time, I tracked it down. The couple who “prayed and prayed” also said, according the original story, that they are "born-again Christians who made the decision to practice polygamy after closely studying the Bible.”

Polygamy is the biblical lifestyle? Only if you ignore the first two chapters of Genesis and the entire New Testament!

This is a perfect illustration of why the Orthodox Church does not believe in Sola Scriptura, and why the Bible must be interpreted in the light of Holy Tradition if it is to be properly understood.

Another lesson from this story: sometimes when we think God is “putting something in our hearts,” it may actually someone quite different who is the source of our thoughts. As St. John writes, “Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God” (1 John 4:1). See the Philokalia, volume 1, for more information.

Click here for the full story, which I found on Columbia’s website.


Clint said...

Wow. I knew things were bad, but that is just.... well, really bad.

I love my wife beyond my own comprehension. I cannot imagine life without her. But I also cannot imagine trying to juggle two wives (or more). That is just insane.

Read the story of Jacob and his wives for more on that... (these folks must have missed that section of the bible!)

Paul said...

How can they possibly afford their lifestyle? Food stamps? Am I paying for this illegal action with my taxes?

9 children, clothes, food, medical, school materials, entertainment, transportation, possibly 2 separate complete homes, mortgages, insurance.....

I can barely afford gasoline.

Charlene said...

Father James
There you go reading my mind again. This is a perfect example for a discussion about the authority of the church to interpret scripture that Fr. Matthew and I had yesterday morning. This Saturday evening I will make the most important commitment of my life as I become a catecumen. I prayed for further understanding, and the topic appeared!

Clint said...

So do you think that you could play the wives against one another? You know, something like "well Susie said she would make me Steak and Shrimp tonight, so what do you have?"

I don't know, I am just trying to see if there are actually any REAL benefits to doing this? Of course, there isn't. But it does make sense that I just saw an article that asks if Evangelicalism is changing. I would suppose so...

Granted, it needs some changing. Unfortunately, this was the direction it needed to move.

Clint said...

oops, I meant in the earlier post that it was NOT the direction Evangelicalism needed move.