Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Safest Place in Europe

What would you say the safest place in Europe is? Sweden? Denmark? Switzerland?

Did you say....the Balkans? Yes, you read me correctly! I said, "the Balkans."

I came across this article today and couldn't resist sharing it. As someone who lived in the Balkans for over three years, I found it fascinating. It is written by By Dusan Stojanovic (a good Serbian name), Associated Press Writer.

The Balkans, a hotbed of crime and violence during the Yugoslav wars and the chaotic transition from communism, has become one of the safest areas in Europe to live, according to a U.N. report released Thursday.

The report concluded that nine Balkan countries — including Bosnia and Croatia, which saw vicious ethnic bloodletting in the 1990s — now boast lower levels of homicide, robbery and rape than Western Europe.

"Surprising as it may be, the Balkan region is one of the safest in Europe," the report said.

"The Balkans is departing from an era when demagogues, secret police and thugs profited from sanctions-busting and the smuggling of people, arms, cigarettes and drugs."
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Clint said...

That is too cool. It reminds me of when they release that annual report that lists the "freest" countries in the world. Estonia is always in the top 10.

I guess we rubbed off on our former countries, huh?