Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Too Gentle, Too Kind

I don't read very many blogs, but one that I read every day is Glory to God in All Things, by Fr. Stephen Freeman, an OCA priest in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. My blog wants to be just like "Glory to God" when it grows up!
Fr. Stephen posts beautiful and challenging reflections on an almost-daily basis. His May 12 post is especially good, and I strongly encourage you to read it. It is a reflection on St. Seraphim's teachings on kindness and gentleness (the latter of which is especially lacking in my life).

The picture above is of Fr. Stephen (in "civvies") and his wife.

Click here to read the reflection. Enjoy!

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Clint said...

I agree. Glory to God is one blog I hit every day. (I also go to Orthodixie and this one, as well).

On a personal note: Fr. Stephen's blog was the site that got my wife to seriously look at Orthodoxy. After a couple of years of me trying to show her stuff (mostly unsuccessful), I sent her to his site to view one of his posts. Unfortunately, I don't remember which one it was (it was in March 2007). But it broke the log jam. So though I do not know Fr. Stephen, it was his words that communicated to her and helped lead her to Orthodoxy.

Glory to God, indeed!