Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Update #2 on Jarrod and Helen

Thank you all for your prayers for my colleague Helen's son Jarrod. Jarrod has continued to improve. He is no longer in danger of dying, but he still has a long recovery ahead. Here, in Helen's own words, is a more detailed update on his situation:

Dear All,

I went to see Jarrod last Wednesday, he is awake, hugged me and we both had a good cry. I told him how wonderful he looked (he has lost 25 lbs and is very thin). He is in RML, a rehab hospital that specializes on getting people off the trach. The physical therapist is working with him to get him up but his heart rate was too high. The doctor started feeding him water through his feeding tube and his heart rate began to drop to a more acceptable level.

His brothers flew in Friday morning and we were able to have a “family reunion”. Jarrod is depressed and confused as to what has happened. His brothers and I were excited and smiling; we told him what happened on March 15th and how close he came to death. We told him we were smiling because he is alive and on the road back. I told him God had plans for him and his healing was answered prayer of many, many people who prayed for him.

His brothers stayed with him at night so Cindy [Fr. James' note: this is Jarrod's wife. They were just married a few months ago] could take some rest time. I asked Jarrod what was the last thing he remembered and he said, being unable to breathe and in pain that he asked the doctors to knock him out. It will take some time for him to fully understand what happened these last 43 days.

The plan now is to get him out of RML and into an intense physical therapy rehab hospital called Marion Joy. It’s located about 15 minutes from Downers Grove in Wheaton, Ill. The doctors don’t want him flying home until he can walk. My prayer is he will be coming home by Memorial Day. Please continue to pray for his total recovery.

I am sending pictures of our miracle boy, he is eating by mouth but his food must be tinted with blue food coloring to make sure nothing is going into the trach or lungs. The reason for his blue teeth! I told him he could audition for the Blue Men Show!

God bless,

You can see in Helen's note how deep her faith in God is, and as a a result, what good spirits she is in despite all the hardship that both her son and she have been through. Please continue to keep Jarrod, Helen, Cindy, and the rest of the family in your prayers.

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Clint said...

Christ is Risen!

And this story is proof! Praise God that he is recovering.