Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Miscellaneous Plugs, Part Two: More Podcasts

Here are some noteworthy podcasts on Ancient Faith Radio that I have listened to lately. I highly recommend them all.

On “Our Life in Christ,” the hosts Steve Robinson and Bill Gould have started a new series on the Orthodox view of the Virgin Mary. It is designed especially for evangelical Protestants who are skeptical about the veneration of Mary, but listening to it would profitable for all Christians. As always, Steve and Bill combine humor with a great deal of knowledge about their subject, and their tone is irenic rather than polemical.

In his outstanding podcast “Pilgrims from Paradise,” Matthew Gallatin is in the midst of a series on Sola Scriptura, the bedrock of Protestant theology.

Kevin Allen, host of “The Illumined Heart,” has done some fascinating interviews lately, including one with a former Wiccan priestess who converted to Orthodoxy, and another with Fr. Ted Pulcini on relating to Muslims. He also interviewed a couple in which the husband converted to Orthodoxy but the wife did not until many years later. The name of this program is “One Marriage – Two Spouses: Loving Your Spouse into Orthodoxy.” Great stuff.

In addition to these, I have discovered two new podcast series. The first of these, "Sermons at St. Nicholas," was just created about a month ago. It features the weekly homily from Fr. Thomas Soroka, pastor of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Mckees Rocks, PA, and speaker on the excellent podcast The Path.

The other podcast series that I have discovered is not really new, but it is new to me. I discovered it through the iTunes store rather than Ancient Faith Radio. It is called simply the “St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Church Podcast,” from the church of the same name in the Denver area. This church has recorded nearly every sermon, Bible study, seminar and other type of talk given in the last year or so. There are well over a hundred individual podcasts, and I have not listened to anywhere near all of them. Of those that I have listened to, I have especially enjoyed the Bible study series on St. John’s Gospel by Fr. Lou Christopolous and the series on Jesus’ parables by Fr. Evan Armatas (now at St. Spyridon GOC in Loveland, CO--they have a great website, by the way). Best of all, like all podcasts on AFR, they are free!

May the Lord use these soul-profiting podcasts to help you grow closer to Him, and may He grant you grace and peace this day and every day.


Charlene.kinsey said...

Fr. James,
Thank you so much for Pt. 1and Pt. 2 on Blogs and Podcasts. May I be so bold as to suggest Pts. 3 and 4? Part 3 might be "Traditional Orthodox Music in English". I know that anything by Antonious Hill, the group Eikonia, or the Boston Byzantine Choir is great, but I would like to listen to music of the current and coming church seasons, and that is where I get lost. Part 4 might be alist of favorite books for those just getting started in Orthodoxy.
Your mention uf St. Catherine's Greek Orthodox Church in the Denver area in reference to podcasts. May I put in a plug for anyone who is looking for a church to attend if they find themselves in the Denver on a Sunday morning? We just returned from a ten day visit in Denver with our grandson (oh sure, we went to see our daughter-in-law and son too), a pilgramage we make 4 times a year. I found St. Augustine's Antioch Orthodox Church, Western Rite, near the downtown area. The people were as welcoming and filled with God's love as I have found people in our parishto be. Fr. John Mangels, the paster reminded me much of our Father Matthew with his genuine warmth and caring for a new visitor. Fr. John invited me to consider this my "church home away from home" and gave me a service missal so that I will be better able to follow along this very different service from ours. I had been thinking how hard it would be to be away from our parish at Christmas. How much easier it will be to worshipGod with this second church family.

Eddie said...

Since you are talking about podcasts, you might want to know that Kristina and I recorded an essay she'd written for The Handmaiden. You can find it here.

pete said...

Good stuff. I remember Father Lou when he was at Annunciation GOC in Houston.

Fr. James Early said...

Thank you all for your comments!

Charlene, I can definitely do a book recommendation for books on the basics of Orthodoxy, since I have already written such a list for my upcoming book. I will post those pages as a blog entry. Regarding CD's, I'm really not much of an expert on what all is out there. There has been a virtual explosion of CD's with traditional Orthodox Music in English over the last several years. A good place to start would be Fr. Apostolos Hill's CD called Cycles of Grace, which includes selected hymns from all of the great feasts of the Church. For more, I suggest checking out the website for Light and Life publishing, which has a large selection of Orthodox CD's. (See the sidebar for a link). Interestingly enough, Fr. Apostolos is the head priest of the Greek Cathedral in Denver!

Thanks for the plug of St. Augustine's. It sounds like there are many excellent Orthodox churches in the Denver area, as is also true in Houston. We are truly blessed.

Eddie, I'll definitely give Kristina's essay a listen!

Pete, Fr. Lou definitely has a gift for teaching! Too bad he's not still here in Houston. Well, Houston's loss was Denver's gain.