Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

I just received the following urgent prayer request from my bishop, His Grace Bishop BASIL. Please pray fervently for the following request.

His Grace Bishop MAXIM of the Western American Diocese urges all of our Orthodox faithful to offer prayers for the protection of the St. Herman of Alaska Serbian Orthodox Monastery in Platina, California. Wild fires are quickly approaching the Monastery grounds and the Monastery is in great danger of being burned down. The Monastic Community has been evacuated and are seeking refuge in the neighboring parish of Redding, California.

May the Lord grant this request and bless you all.


Paul said...

Holy Lady,

Pray to Christ God for the safety of this paradise on Earth. Protect it from all harm and extinguish the fires of destruction that are fast approaching. Protect it and its holy fathers with your Omophorion.

Perhaps St. Herman himself gave the the example for saving his hermitage from flood and fire?

Anonymous said...

Hello, James
We live in northern California and are experiencing the heavy smoke from all the fires. The air here in unhealthy and will be for several days. We stay inside a lot and that is unusual for us. My wife has Parkinson's, so this also makes her breathing more troublesome. We are praying for rain and God's touch.