Monday, July 7, 2008

This Crazy WORLD #4

Highlights from the "Quick Takes" section from the June 28/July 5, 2008 issue of WORLD magazine. This issue had several fascinating stories, and I encourage you to click here to read more. All articles are copyright 2008, WORLD magazine.

Send in the Clown

A pair of Sacramento, Calif., thieves found nothing to laugh at when their attempted robbery was held up by a rodeo clown wielding a fake pistol. Kevin Powers was putting on his chaps and makeup for his clown job at the rodeo when he noticed two men prowling around his yard on June 1. Police say Hector Zavala and Lorenzo Cerecer were trying to steal Powers' only mode of transportation: his bicycle. Thinking quickly, and desperate to save his ride, Powers, in full clown regalia, grabbed his fake .44 magnum and confronted the men, jumping in front of their vehicle and acting out a Clint Eastwood-type routine. A neighbor called police.

Well, at least he didn't shoot them!

Block Art

Combining art, plastic toys, and civic improvement, one Italian artist has taken to the streets of a small village outside of Rome to fix the town's stone walls in an unusual way. Jan Vormann helped lead a team of artists and enthusiasts to patch gaps and holes in the village's walls with brightly-colored Lego construction toys. The Italian art group "20 Eventi" filled in the walls of Bocchignano, and hopes to complete similar projects in three other Italian villages.

I have four girls that would love to help out!

Serving in Style

Think U.S. prisons are too comfy for inmates? Consider the square cell of Genilson Lins da Silva, a Brazilian inmate locked away for robbery and murder. During a drug trafficking sting, police raided da Silva's cell, confiscating a refrigerator, a plasma television, exercise equipment, two .38 caliber pistols, and Brazilian cash worth about $173,000. Prison officials say da Silva will serve out the rest of his 28-year sentence without the creature comforts.

I want to know how he sneaked the plasma TV in!

Now, THIS one is truly amazing. If it were in a movie, all of us would shake our head and say "That's ridiculous!" But it's true!

No Time Lost

After 67 years, Teddy Bacon and his fine gold watch have been reunited—and both are still ticking along strong. Bacon watched his watch slip into the waters off of Gibraltar in 1941 while he threw a line from the HMS Repulse to the shore. Divers could not find the British lieutenant's watch at the time and he considered it lost. In 2007 workers dredging the harbor discovered the watch amid masses of silt. And, because Bacon also left an entry in the harbormaster's logbook with a description of the watch in 1941, workers knew whom to send it to. After traveling from previous address to previous address, Bacon's watch finally found him earlier this year. "Now I wear it every day and it keeps perfect time, even after all those years in the water," Bacon told the Daily Mail. "It is absolutely excellent and I consider it a long-lost friend."

Can you believe that?

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Paul said...

They just don't make time pieces like they used to. 67 years under water. I hit snooze one too many times on my bedside clock and it breaks.