Monday, August 4, 2008

Tropical Storm Edouard

I'm interrupting my series on the Orthodox view of death to ask you to pray for my family and all other residents of the Gulf Coast. In case you haven't heard, there is a tropical storm (Edouard) headed almost directly for Houston. My wife and three youngest girls had already been planning to go visit her folks in Texarkana, TX for about ten days, so they are now going to leave early (around 3 PM today). Audrey and I will stay here to ride out the storm (I have to work, and she has work and school).

In case you are wondering, we live just to the left of the little bulge on the left of the blue blob (which is Galveston Bay and the Houston ship channel) on the map, just north of where the black line crosses.

Please pray for a minimal amount of damage to be caused by the storm, and that no lives will be lost. And if you would pray for Audrey and me, I would be grateful. We are prepared, but of course you never know what the storm will bring. I have lived in Houston for 19 of my 40 years, and I have seen many hurricanes and tropical storms come through. Often, the actual damage caused has little or nothing to do with the condition and location of the storm prior to landfall.

I've seen Category 5 hurricanes approach and then do nothing (at least to the Houston area; think Rita in 2005). On the other hand, I've seen storms that looked to be fairly wimpy do great amounts of damage (Tropical Storm Allison in 2001).

Please pray. May the Lord bless you all.


Paul said...

Wow, Father. I guess ignorance is bliss. We got rid of our TV and radio 4 years ago. I had no idea this was breathing down our neck here in Houston. It was a very hot day 101 degrees and partly sunny. Yes, a few large clouds but nothing suggesting rain or a storm. SO here i sit reading your blog. I guess I should go tell the Mrs. we should have headed for the hills a few hours ago. Not the we did for Katrina or Rita either. Yes, ignorance is bliss. It is also exciting NOT knowing what God has in store for us until it arrives. Not that the weather man has EVER been right. "Only job you can keep and be wrong 90% of the time."

I too hope nobody get hurt. Maybe I just live in a good/ lucky neighborhood...It seems all the storms miss us for some reason. When Allison hit, we got sprinkled on. I had no idea the devistation until I tried to go to work on Monday. Yes, blissful ignorance.

Sophocles said...

Father bless,

My prayers are with you as well. I too don't own a TV and didn't know.

I lived in Houston for about 5 years. We had our home there when Hurricane Alicia hit. I with my two brothers and mom were in Montreal when it hit. My dad was there and so was Brownie(our dog).

Please update us and let us know you are ok.

In Christ,