Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here We Go Again!

Well, here we go again! For the third time in the last month or so, a hurricane is bearing down on us. Unlike the first two (Eduoard and Gustav), it looks like this one will actually do some damage to us. At this point, the computer models have the storm hitting south of here, but we should still have a great deal of wind and rain. Please pray for all who are in the general path of the storm.


Rachael said...

Stay safe! Are y'all staying put?

Fr. James Early said...

We are going to stay put unless there is a mandatory evacuation for our zip code. I really hope that doesn't happen.

Paul the wanna be meteorologist said...

Father, I hope I don't sound foolish after it hits, but I don't think it is coming to Houston. I know the computer models show it swinging north, but as soon as it hits the lower shelf ridge, it will really swing north and I predict it will hit between Port Arthur and Lake Charles.

Let's see if I need to apply with the meteorlogical center or learn to keep my mouth shut.

I was right about the last two hurricanes and Katrina and Rita 3 years ago. I think I am right about this too. We'll see.

I just wish people would stop freaking out and keep control of their senses. Panicked people, and I blame media outlets, are a worse danger than any storm.

Rachael said...

Ah yes. I hope not, too!

We are also staying home. Back in 2005 when Hurricane Rita was on its way, we decided to skip town and it was awful. It took us fifteen hours to get to Hot Springs, Arkansas, which would normally be about seven hours. And Evelyn was only a week old at the time. It was not fun.

Probably the worst thing that would happen up here anyway is a lengthy power outage.

Anyway. I hope Ike won't wreak too much havoc!

Fr. James Early said...

Paul, you are absolutely right. Like you, I've lived in Houston a long time and have been through way too many hurricanes to get scared. I have a healthy respect for God's creation, but at the same time, I refuse to panic.

Rachael, I remember that well. When Rita was coming, we managed to leave a full day before 99% of other people, and so we made it to Texarkana (where Jennifer's parents live) in only a couple more hours than is usually required. Then we felt a little silly when we came back and our lawn was just as parched as it had been before we left!

Fortunately, Jennifer was excused from work today, and so she is stocking up on supplies, filling our propane tank, and squaring things away around the house.

At this time (10:15 AM), several zip codes in extreme southeast Harris county have been issued a mandatory evacuation order. We're just inside the Beltway, and so far, no order for us yet. We'll see what happens.

Paul said...

Well, I suppose I can forget that job with the Meterological Center. I still think it will turn north. Let's see.