Thursday, September 4, 2008

It Was Ten Years Ago Today...

Today is our second daughter Courtney's birthday. Being autistic, Courtney is anything but easy to raise. At age 10, she can only say a few words, she cannot read or write at grade level, and she has great difficulty restraining her emotions or her impulses (particularly when it comes to food and water). But her beautiful smile and her laugh bring us great joy, as do her hugs. We love her and are proud to have her as our daughter. She has taught us much.


Paul said...

May God bless her with many years and Godly caretakers her whole life.

Sophocles said...

Father bless,

I'm your first follower!! Yay!

Thank you so much for finding my blog of value.

I do also wish to let you know how nice it is when I click over here and here the beautiful music. I look forward to it.

In Christ,


Sophocles said...


'"here" the beautiful music', uh, should have been, uh, "hear", uh, oh well.

Anonymous said...

thanks be to God for all His blessings to you and your family and us all. how we need to see His loving hand in all things!

s-p said...

May God bless you through Courtney. Our kids truly raise us in many ways. I would not be nearly the person I am if it were not for my children, step-children and 60 foster kids. God willing they are not the people they could have been if not for me.