Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Podcast

There is a new podcast of my latest sermon, preached last Sunday, on the Orthodox Houston podcast page. It is a very basic sermon. Nothing special, but I pray that it might be helpful to you.

On a related note, it looks as if the podcasts of my Bible study series on St. John's gospel may not find a home on the Orthodox Houston site after all, as I had originally hoped. I am going to try and find another way to make them available to you.

May God bless you all.


Clint said...

That is too bad. I had hoped they would be available there.

charlene said...

Fr. James,
Phooey to the podcasts not being available, and oh darn to you being ahead on the bible study. I really look forward to the spiritual enrichment it brings. Maybe you could tackle a mini-topic or two this week? Suggestion: What does the Orthodox Church believe happens to children who do not live long enough to be born, or die at birth? Or children that die without receiving baptism? Or maybe you could talk about the symbolism in icons. Or you could take a well-deserved break of course.
Bless you Father, for all you do to help us grow.

Fr. James Early said...

Let not your hearts be troubled. I will definitely get the Bible study classes made into podcasts one way or another. I will also make them into downloadable MP3 files that you can access from this blog. The advantage, of course, to having them be podcasts is that you can subscribe to them, so that you don't keep having to dowload them again and again.