Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ike Update #6

Hi everyone! This is Clint Hale (I often post on Fr. James' blog and am a catechumen at St. Joseph). My family came to San Antonio late last week, so avoided Hurricane Ike. I have been in contact with Fr. James and he asked that I pass along some news.

First, Fr. James and his family are all doing well. They made it through the storm with no major issues. Their home suffered little damage. There were few shingles that decided to make a break for it and part of their fence is taking a nap, but overall things are OK.

However, they are still without power, so have no access to the internet, etc. Their phone is also out, except for cell coverage, which can be spotty at best. Also, since there is no power, there is no way to recharge the batteries on cell phones, so they are being sparing in calling.

So please continue to pray that things can be returned to normal as soon as possible for Fr. James, his family and everyone affected by Hurricane Ike. I am sure that Fr. James will make a post here, just as soon as he is able to do so.


James the Thickheaded said...

Good to hear all are well.

Paul said...

Power came back up on the far west side of Houston about 3 hours ago. Water pressure is still a little low. My wife and I jumped when the lights came back on. We were living (camping) with propane stoves and lanterns. Now I miss it. Ouch, did I say that?

I spoke to Father yesterday and he said he sorely wished he could tell everyone how he and the family are doing. Clint did a great job. We had almost 25 people in church yesterday. Typically have about 130.

Fr. Matthew did not quite fair so well. You can put a hole in one on his roof.

Continue paying for us down here. Ike should have been a category 3 storm.