Sunday, November 2, 2008

Turn Out The Lights...

Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree, who ran up and down the field at will, seldom encountering anything that might could be called "defense"

... The Party's Over.

Texas Tech 39, Texas 33

I am broken-hearted. I really thought that the Longhorns had a great chance to win all their games and compete for the national title. Now their national title hopes are pretty much shot. (Yes, I realize that it is not impossible for them to still play in the championship game, but at this point it is extremely unlikely).

Because I watched the entire game, I could comment at length about how neither the Longhorn defense or offense even showed up until the second half. I could comment about how the Horns rallied from 10 down to take a 1-point lead with 1:30 left and then promptly gagged up the lead. But I won't. Suffice it to say that I'm very, very disappointed with my Horns.

"Blessed is he/she who loves no sports teams!"


Paul said...

I'm blessed, I'm blessed, I'm finally blessed!

charlene said...


d.burns said...

Fight Raiders fight,
Fight Raiders fight,
Fight for the school we love so dearly
You'll hit 'em high
You'll hit 'em low
You'll push the ball across the goal,
We'll praise her name
Boost her to fame
Fight for the Scarlet and the Black
You will hit 'em, you will wreck 'em
Hit 'em, wreck 'em Texas Tech!
And the victory bells will ring out.

Fr. James Early said...


Rub it in, why don't you? You know how to kick a man when he's down. By the way, good luck getting past OK state AND OU!


You are truly blessed, and not just because you don't care about sports. And I want to make one other thing clear (and I'm saying it publicly, so that everyone who reads this blog will know). You are a TREMENDOUS blessing to myself, Fr. Matthew, Dn. Mel, and the entire parish of St. Joseph's. We greatly appreciate your humble service, week after week. You make our jobs much easier. May God bless you richly and grant you many years.

Katrina said...

"Blessed is he/she who loves no sports teams!"

Deep Sigh...

Penn State 23
Iowa 24

Penn State Class of '92

Fr. James Early said...

Katrina, I feel your pain, especially since I really like Penn State and Joe Paterno. However, it was necessary for them to lose, to facilitate the return of the Burnt Orange and White to the #1 spot. To paraphrase St. John the Baptist, "Penn State (and now Texas Tech and Alabama) must decrease, that UT might increase."

Katrina said...

Yes Father, you and your Longhorns are quite welcome!

Penn State has to shoot for the Rose Bowl which for me, living in Arizona, would be great.

There's no way I was going to be able to swing a trip to see the National Championship game. We can drive to Pasadena though!

We went when they played in the Rose Bowl from the '94 season and watched them beat the Oregon Ducks AND remained undefeated AND be denied ONCE AGAIN the National Championship. ...sniffle, sniffle...

I will say I did handle yesterday's defeat much better than usual. I was really just bummed for JoePa. It could have been the storybook ending to his career.

Fight on State!