Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Little Spiritual Help #1 - God Will Never Abandon

As I have mentioned before, one of my friends on Facebook sends me messages that have quotes from the Church Fathers and from other Orthodox writers. I've shared a couple of these before, and I intend to keep sharing the best of them with you. The man who sends them to me calls them "A Little Spiritual Help," and because of this, I'll use that same name to identify them. I'll number this one #1, even though I've posted two previous excerpts from the series. This particular saying is very encouraging to me. Enjoy.


If anyone truly desires to do the will of God with all their heart, God will never abandon them but will constantly guide them along the paths of His will.

If someone really sets their hearts on the will of God, God will find even a little child to illuminate so as to communicate His will to that person.

But if a person does not truly desire the will of God, even if they were to go to a prophet, God would put it into the heart of that prophet to give a response comparable to the deceit that was in the seeker's heart.

Dorotheos of Gaza, 5th Century (Discourse 5)
The Book of Mystical Chapters, page 69
translated by Fr. John Anthony McGuckin
Shambala Publications 2002


charlene said...

Father James,
I am so glad you are goingto continue sharing your Facebook friend's inspirational pieces. Charlene, the Cement Head, is having trouble wrapping her mind around the wording that refer to the quote on the illuminated child. I think I can paraphrase it to mean " If a person really wants to do God's will, God will use a person, perhaps even a small child, to make clear what His will is." But what exactly does "illuminate" mean here? Does it mean fill the child with the light of the Holy Spirit? Thanks, Father.

Fr. James Early said...


I don't think that St. Dorotheos meant "illuminate" in the sense of "fill with the Spirit." I think he meant it in the sense of "enlighten." In other words, God sometimes even uses little children to teach us truth about Himself. I hope that this was helpful.