Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Please Pray for Courtney

This is a picture of my second daughter, 10-year-old Courtney. She is autistic and mostly non-verbal.

Courtney has struggled with GI issues (mainly chronic constipation) for her entire life. In recent months, she has been dealing with increasing amounts of pain from her belly, mainly caused by impacted waste in her colon and her inability to have normal bowel movements. In the last couple of months, she has had to go to the emergency room twice, and neither time resulted in her problem being fixed.

(I'm leaving out a lot of other problems Courtney has had due to lack of time.)

During the last two nights, Courtney has woken up repeatedly, crying out in pain. Last night, she was holding her belly and even screaming at times. Jennifer (my wife) called her doctor today and explained the situation. The doctor looked at an X-ray that was taken last Saturday in the ER, and said "She has large amounts of air in her colon. Take her immediately to the emergency room (at Texas Children's Hospital)!" So, she and Jennifer are heading up there even as I write.

Please keep Courtney, Jennifer, and all of us in your prayers. Please pray specifically that Courtney's doctor will be able to find a cure for Courtney so that her GI system will work properly and so that she won't have to deal with any more pain. The pain Courtney has been experiencing has greatly affected her behavior (negatively) at home, school, and church.

Thank you for your prayers. I'll update you when there is a change in her situation. I hope to have the next post on St. John's Gospel tomorrow.


Walt Trachim said...

Poor kiddo....

Definitely will add her to the list.

See if there is any way you can get a GI specialist involved, especially after multiple trips to the ED and no good resolution to the problem. If you haven't considered that, it would be worth doing as a good GI doc will have tricks up their sleeve to help diagnose what's going on.

It's never easy to see a child suffer, especially when it's your own. Having been there, I can understand where you're coming from.


charlene said...

Father James,
My prayers are with Courtney and your family. My mother suffered during her adult years with impactions, so I know something about how painful and serious the situation can be. I will be in the Medical Center tomorrow afternoon. If they keep Courtney overnight, I will track Jennifer down and come to lend some moral support. If there is ANYTHING I can do to help, please let me know. Courtney is very special to me, and has been from the very first day I met her. When she smiles, I see my grandson's smile, and when she is frustrated, I am reminded of his frustration, living in a world where there are many doors that are fittrd with door knobs that are beyond their reach. They teach us so much, and both our families are richly blessed to be entrusted by God with their care.
Please give us regular updates on how Courtney is doing.
In Christ,

Fr. Gregory Jensen said...

Poor sweetie!

Of course she, and all of you, have my prayers.

Molly Sabourin said...

Oh Father James,

I will certainly be praying for your entire family! It so trying to see one's child in pain. Please do keep us updated.

elizabeth said...

Lord have mercy. I will pray too, Fr.

November In My Soul said...

Fr. James,

My son and my niece suffered through the same issue. Your family is in our prayers.


Elizabeth said...

Praying for you all.

Poor Courtney - God grant the doctors wisdom and skills to provide a speedy resolution to the GI episodes.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Fr. James,

Courtney is in my prayers, as well as you, Jen, & all your girls. Please keep me posted and call me if I can help you with something.
May God Bless all of you & provide Courtney's doctors with all the wisdom, knowledge, & skills needed to help her.

Gary Nicholas