Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Quick Update on Courtney

I don't have time to write much, but I did want to first of all thank all of you who have expressed concern and support for us. Thank you for your kind comments and especially for your prayers.

Here's a very quick update. Jennifer and Courtney spent most of yesterday in the emergency room. The treatment was pretty much the same as always: X-ray, enema, and monitoring. The ER doctors looked at the X-ray and said that they didn't see anything wrong with the colon. Apparently yesterday's X-ray looked different from the one that was taken on Saturday. I think and hope that this implies improvement. Today, Courtney's GI specialist is going to look at the X-ray.

One development that was definitely positive is that Courtney slept peacefully through the entire night. During the previous two nights, she had awoken crying out and literally screaming in pain, clutching her stomach and staying "stomach hurt." She had also had trouble sleeping the few days before that . Moreover, Courtney had only eaten a tiny bit of food for several days. This morning, she ate a whole pancake and some yogurt, which was very encouraging. She had not eaten this much in one sitting in about a week.

By coincidence (or maybe not), today Courtney has her annual appointment/checkup with her autism specialist. So, poor Jennifer has to haul her up to Texas Childrens' again and spend much of the afternoon there. We are hopeful that her autism specialist will be able to help with the overall treatment. She has often displayed violent and aggresive behavior over the past couple of years. Now, we realize that this is probably due in part to the pain she feels in her stomach.

Again, thank you for your prayers, and I pray that God will bless each of you. Please continue to pray for Courtney and the whole family. This situation has been tough on all of us, especially Jennifer.


elizabeth said...

Glad to hear for the improvements. continued prayers.

James the Thickheaded said...

Glad to hear she's stable. Good to get to the bottom of these things. Makes one feel like a dunce sometimes... "How could I have missed xyz!!" Easy to do. Sounds like an extreme case of IBS: steroids and a change in diet lie ahead? Both can be almost as challenging.

My prayers for your daughter, for your family, and for your future together.

Anonymous said...

thanks to God she is better, resting and eating well. Hard on her and all of you to deal with unrecognized pain issues. Our prayers continue for Courtney and all the family.

Fr. Christian Mathis said...

I will certainly add this to my prayer list.