Friday, January 30, 2009

Tying up Loose Ends

First of all, I want to thank all of you who who offered prayers and kind words for my root canal procedure. It went quite well (considering that it was a root canal!). During the first two stages (corresponding to the first two diagrams in my previous post), I did experience quite a bit of pain, but when the anesthetic really kicked in, that went away (and thank God for that, because I am a wimp when it comes to pain!). After that, it went smoothly and painlessly. It was quite a trial to sit in a dentist's chair for nearly three hours, but it's over now. I have a temporary crown now which I have to chew around until I get my permanent one in a week or two.

Now, regarding Courtney. Some of you have emailed to ask how she is. Thank you for your prayers and concern. Since the second emergency room visit, she has been doing very well. Her GI issues have all but vanished, and her behavior has improved near 100%. At her most recent appointment with her regular doctor at Texas Children's, the doctor prescribed a new anti-anxiety medicine which has made a big difference in her behavior. Her aggression and negative moods are almost completely gone. The only downside to the medicine is that it makes her very sleepy. For that reason, we had to stop giving it to her in the morning and only give it to her at night, right before bed. It is really wonderful to have our happy, cheerful, always hungry Courtney again!

And now, one more announcement:

My podcast, has been picked up by the Icon New Media Network, which is a cutting-edge Orthodox blog and podcast site aimed primarily at Generation Xers and so-called "Millenials" and is run by my friend Jacob Lee. (Jacob is the fellow who interviewed me a few months ago for the "Journeys to Orthodoxy" podcast on the Orthodox Christian Network.

This is the logo that Jacob designed for the podcast. Pretty slick, isn't it?

The podcast, titled "Thy Word," features in-depth, verse-by-verse Bible study in a group setting, with questions and answers, and with an emphasis on life application. In fact, it is a recording of the adult Bible Study class that I teach each Sunday at my parish, St. Joseph's. To my knowledge, it is the only podcast of its kind. Of course, there are some excellent Orthodox Bible study podcasts out there, but they either don't have questions and answers, or they don't go into much depth.

The podcast is primarily aimed at Orthodox Christians who would like to be involved with adult Bible study from an Orthodox Christian perspective, but whose parish doesn't offer it. The secondary aim is to help inquirers into Orthodoxy in learning the Orthodox interpretation both of the Scriptures in general, and also of particular passages. Currently, I am teaching on the second half of St. John's Gospel (you've seen my notes on this very blog), and I plan to begin a series on the Psalms this summer and of Genesis in the fall.

Of course, the podcast has been available on iTunes for quite some time. But now (thanks to Jacob Lee, Icon's director), it has a snappy intro and conclusion, and it should be able to reach a wider audience. If you've never listened to one of the podcasts, I encourage you to download this first one in the series. Also, please let me know what you think about it. I have yet to receive any feedback from the podcasts (other than from people at my own parish), so I am curious to see if anyone outside St. Joseph's is listening to them and finding them helpful.

May the Lord bless you all.


elizabeth said...

Thank God that your daughter is so much improved! Hope all continues to go well!

Anonymous said...

Father James ,
This is all great news: You survived your root canal,Courtney is doing well on two fronts, and more people will be able to learn from your excellent teaching.
God bless , Father.