Monday, April 20, 2009

Christos Voskrese!

I try very hard to not post the same things that other Orthodox bloggers are posting. But this video is too good to not post, even though a bazillion other blogs also have it. You've probably already seen it dozens of times, but just in case you haven't (or even if you have), I urge you to watch it anyway. If you do, you will be blessed.

This is a contemporary arrangement of a poem written by Saint Nikolai Velimirovic, a twentieth century Serbian saint, and it features the angelic-voiced Serbian singer Divna Ljubojevic. Here's a translation of the lyrics (courtesy of Dejan, a reader of both this blog and Fr. Stephen Freeman's blog, from which I borrowed them).

People rejoice, nations hear:
Christ is risen, and brings the joy!
Stars dance, mounts sing:
Christ is risen, and brings the joy!
Forests murmur, winds hum:
Christ is risen, and brings the joy!
Seas bow, animals roar:
Christ is risen, and brings the joy!
Bees swarm, and the birds sing:
Christ is risen, and brings the joy!

Angels stand, triple the song:
Christ is risen, and brings the joy!
Sky humble yourself, and elevate the earth:
Christ is risen, and brings the joy!
Bells chime, and tell to all:
Christ is risen, and brings the joy!
Glory to You God, everything is possible to You,
Christ is risen, and brings the joy!

And here's the video. Enjoy!


Clint said...

Since I can't listen from this computer at work.... I promise to listen as soon as they get the internet back up at my house.

s-p said...

I might be the only person on earth who hasn't seen that yet. Thanks! The Nuns of St. Paisius do a very nice acapella version of this and several other spiritual songs by St. Nicolai on their CD "Spiritual Songs". A worthwhile purchase from their monastery website

charlene said...

Oh Father,
You are so right - this video is such a blessing. Having been born in the stone age, when music came via large round discs,I normally enjoy my music unaccompanied by video. In this case , the impact was magnified by a googgoplex by seeing the people, especially the children, celebrating our risen Christ. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Molly Sabourin said...

Well I hadn't seen the video either so thank you for posting it! I love the pure joyfulness it exudes. Have a wonderful Bright Week with your family! :)

Katrina said...

I've watched this like a billion times and it NEVER gets old!

When I'm having a bummer of a day at any time of the year, I go back to this video on YouTube and it is like pressing a reset button in my soul. Everything seems much different in the light of the pure joy of Pascha.

Clint said...

You are correct - it is wonderful.

I brought headphones to work...

November In My Soul said...

I guess i am the third person not familiar with this video. Beautiful, wonderful. Thank you for Sharing Father.

Brankica i Slavko said...

Oce James,ovo sam imala priliku vidjeti i kod nas,drago mi je da si pronasao i stavio na svoj blog,zaista je preljijepa pjesma.neka svijet vidi sta ima u Srbiji,i kako Srbi slave Vaskrs

Isabel said...

Any poem written by Saint Nikolai Velimirovic is a pleasure and an inspiration! Thank you. The video was pure bliss...