Monday, June 8, 2009

Interview with Michael and Jessica Fulton

Jacob Lee, director of the Icon New Media Network, does not receive any pay for his efforts with the network. He earns his living as a web designer with Exist Designs. In recent months, he has grown increasingly busy with his web design work, leaving him little time for his work with Icon. In particular, he has not been able to maintain the once-a-week pace that he set for his excellent Journeys to Orthodoxy podcast, which is featured both on the Icon website as well as on the Orthodox Christian Network.

Noticing this, and hating to see the reduced frequency of the podcast, a few months ago I called Jacob and offered to help him with Journeys by becoming an occasional guest host. He eagerly accepted my offer, and before long I started recording interviews with various converts to Orthodoxy who live here in Houston. My first such interview has just come out. The interview is with Michael and Jessica Fulton, a delightful young couple who attend my parish, St. Joseph's. They will be moving to the Boston area this August, where Michael will begin studies at Holy Cross Orthodox Seminary. I encourage you to listen to the interview. You may find it here.

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Adam said...

Nice interview Fr. James, I guess we can forgive ya'll for going to TU. I spent quite a bit of my childhood around the Houston area, thats what you say when you don't want tell people it was in Baytown. Later I spent a lot of time in The Woodlands, my grandfather was the pastor of FBC Woodlands for about a decade while I was growing up. Jessica is right about some degree of intimidation, the first time I talked to a priest I was rather nervous. I think he, Fr Stephen Burke, is now down in the Houston area, when I first met him he was in Shreveport. There is something about a man with long hair and beard in a man-dress just seems a little off to a Baptist boy. Kiss the cross and priest hand really throw my wife for a loop. If you see him tell him hello from Adam and Vicky. Are you completely recovered from the storm?