Saturday, June 13, 2009

You Say It's Your Birthday...

Beth, proud to now be age 8...all smiles on her birthday!

This past Tuesday, June 9, was our third daughter Beth's 8th birthday. In the Early household, we don't do big expensive parties. Never have. This tradition (or lack thereof) originally grew out of the fact that we lived near the poverty line. Later, since things have become better financially, we've had a boatload of kids. And we've always seen big parties as a unnecessary waste of money (Jennifer and I are both...shall we say...thrifty!). So, we always just do a small, family celebration, sometimes with a few friends thrown in. And our kids are okay with that. When kids don't grow up expecting big parties, then they don't get disappointed when they don't get them.

Here are some pictures of the festivities.

Beth and her best friend from school Lauren. Of course Christine had to get in on the act too!

Beth with her favorite present...a boxed set of the Harry Potter books! Beth just finished second grade, but she reads almost on a sixth grade level.

After the presents, we had "Make it yourself cupcakes!"

Courtney likes her cupcake with extra sprinkles!


elizabeth said...

Many years to your lovely daughter! :)

I still love birthdays and never felt that I was missing anything by not having expensive birthday parties; my cousins would come over with my Aunts (and a present) and it was lovely.

The love of a family counts for a lot more than an expensive party ever could!

Isabel said...

Decorating your own cupcake is such a great idea (for the kids). Maybe that could be a theme at a "grown up" party! All errors will be consumed...