Monday, August 24, 2009

Moving Out and Moving In

Audrey and me at an Astros game in July. For you baseball fans out there, that's Lance Berkman, Miguel Tejada, and Michael Bourne on the field doing their warmups.

As I mentioned to you previously, Thursday night was the night that Audrey left us and moved into her dorm. The first thing she had to do to prepare was to clean and organize her room, which previously had been declared a national disaster area and qualified for FEMA funds (we didn't take them). The cleanup required Jennifer's help, took a whole week, and generated at least a dozen trash bags full of trash.

But by the time Thursday evening rolled around, the room was spic and span...

...and the stuff for her dorm room was all packed.

The other kids tearfully said goodbye to Audrey. Christine even helped close her car door!

And, she was off (with me following behind in the van)!

Of course, we had to stand in the obligatory line to get her key. Thankfully, the line wasn't very long.

Once we got her key, we proceeded to her dorm, an imposing structure indeed.

Look how excited she is to march through the door!

On each of the new students' doors was a sign with the name of each resident, and a Peanuts character. Now how did they know that Audrey is like Lucy? Hmmm...

Her room is small and plain, but hey, it's hers (and her roommate's)!

Goodbye, Audrey! I'll sure miss you!


elizabeth said...

Exciting times! It must be a comfort to her to know that her famiy loves her so much!

s-p said...

This is what you've been preparing her for. But WE'RE never ready when it happens. But you'll always be "Dad" no matter the distance or time.

charlene said...

The picture at the end seems to say it all: Audrey's face is full of anticipation aand excitment about the new adventures awaiting her. Dad's face appears wistful (maybe wondering where all those years have gone,and maybe a bit "old"), touched with a bit of sad, a touch of worry ("Who will be there to protect her as I have?") and an ocean of love. May God bless you both.

James the Thickheaded said...

"This is what you've been preparing her for."

Yep. But the tough part is... you spend all your time preparing them... and not enough preparing yourself.

I think that first call they make home is one of the most blessed events any family has.