Thursday, August 20, 2009

To Audrey (part six)

Audrey's "Glamor Shot" senior picture, taken in the summer of 2008.

Audrey, midway through your eighth grade year, we brought you home yet another sister -- Christine! You now had more little sisters than you knew what to do with!

You continued to be a big help with taking care of all these sisters!
When we all went to the Wiggles concert, I think you had the best time of all!

For some reason, at your fourteenth birthday, you didn't want to be photographed!

But on the last day of school, you were all smiles. (I'm not sure if this was your eighth grade year or your freshman year, but no matter!)

Here you are on the first day of school your sophomore year, the same day Beth started kindergarten and courtney started second grade.

At your sixteenth birthday, you clearly had a blast.

Well before you turned 16, you started talking about driving and getting a car. Fearing for your safety, I stalled as long as I could. Finally, around the time you turned 17, you got your learners' permit. For your senior year, we had no choice but to get you your own car, because of your mom's and my crazy schedules. You worked hard to raise the money to pay for the car. This photo perfectly captures the nervous excitement that you felt when you started driving.

You and had our share of fights your freshman year, and your sophomore year, we were constantly at each others' throats. Thankfully, your junior year, we got along great. You were such a happier person that year, as this photo shows.

We loved watching you perform in the orchestra in junior high and high school. Here you are at your final concert.
And then, you graduated. We had a great summer and did a lot of fun stuff together. And now you've moved out. You're a college student. I'm going to miss having you around (although I'm glad that your dorm is only about 10 miles from our house, so we'll still see you often). You did great in high school and made me very proud. I have no doubt that you will do the same in college.

I love you, Audrey!


Philippa said...

WOW! What a beautiful young woman you have raised. Beautiful bot inside and out.

And the memories you have brought back of my own two kids growing up and out...well...thank you Father.

And best wishes to Audrey for an awesome college experience.

charlene said...

Father James,
My love and my prayers go with Audrey. Thank you for sharing your tribute to her.