Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Silence That Phone or Hit the Deck!

I saw this on another blog a few days ago and thought it was really funny. Since then, several other Orthodox bloggers have posted it, so you've probably already seen it. Just in case you haven't, I thought I would post it.

This is a photo of an actual sign that was posted on the door of a church in Russia. It translates as "Not turned off cell phones in Church - 100 prostrations!" We needed this sign the other night at Vespers....


Michael from Texas said...

Very funny! If I was the priest there, when I heard a parishioner's phone go off, I would step away from the altar, pull out my own phone, call that person, and ask them to turn their phone off (gives you an idea of my holiness, huh?)

Just kidding, in case anyone thinks I'm serious.

Fr. James Early said...


That would be absolutely hilarious!