Monday, November 30, 2009

The Cross: Standing Firm Through the Flames

A friend and fellow blogger sent this series of pictures to me, and I thought the photos were interesting enough to share with you. In the recent California wildfires, a giant cross was engulfed in flames but left unharmed. Was this a miracle, or just a coincidence (or explainable by natural means)? You decide.

Notice in the following photo the cross in the bottom right hand part of the photo:

Here is a closeup of the flames attacking the cross:

And here the flames begin to totally engulf it:

This is the cross the next day:

Even the fire fighters that were near the cross as it was surrounded with flames said it was going to be destroyed. The next day photographer Gene Blevins went back to the scene to get some more shots and saw that the cross was not even touched, nor even scorched from the heat.