Thursday, April 22, 2010

How an Orthodox Missionary gets to the field...

James, as he waits in London to get to his mission field

Below is a note from James Hargrave, who many of you remember shared his story with us on this blog. You can read his first installment here.

He is in transit to Tanzania, where he will work as a missionary, in affiliation with the OCMC. He shared this note with us and we thought it worthy to pass along to you.

Please remember James (and all of our missionaries) as they labor to share the gospel of Christ.

Dear friends,

Christ is risen!

And greetings from England, where I have been stranded since last Thursday. The first leg of my trip to Tanzania arrived at London Heathrow airport just as UK airspace was shut down by clouds of ash from the volcano in Iceland. My connection to Dar es Salaam has now been cancelled three times. The next flight, volcano permitting, is scheduled for this Saturday April 24th.

I had hoped to greet you from Africa several days ago, and am certainly anxious to begin life in Tanzania. However, my stay in England continues to be delightful. I've spent the past several days in Oxford, where I had the great blessing to venerate St. Frideswide at her shrine in Christ Church Cathedral. The weather here is beautiful and springtime is in full blossom.

I've been overwhelmed by the kind hospitality of the British and am grateful especially to those of you who have helped me get in touch with friends and hosts here in the UK. God is good. I may be able to obtain a pay-as-you-go cell phone for the remainder of my stay, and if so will pass that number along.

Thank you for your prayers. Traveling mercies have been in abundance this past week, and I'll be need of yet more in the coming week. Do stay in touch!

In Christ,

James Hargrave


mollysabourin said...

Thanks for sharing this! Is it really nice to hear from OCMC Missionaries. I really needed a reminder to pray for them!

rjhargrav said...

Thanks for sharing these updates! I have some level of regular internet connectivity now, and am grateful for your prayers. Greetings from Tanzania!