Wednesday, May 19, 2010

St. Joseph Antiochian Orthodox Church - The Beginning

Last year, my parish (St. Joseph's in Houston) celebrated its fifteenth anniversary.  To help us commemorate the occasion, my friend and parishioner Doug Burns put together an oustanding video about the parish's history.  He recently trimmed the video down to about 4 minutes to put on the parish website.

Our parish is a wonderful, multi-ethnic, vibrant, and warm community.  If you are ever in the Houston area, please come and visit us.

And if you live in the Houston area (or anywhere in Texas) and you need some outstanding photography or video work for your wedding or special occasion, please contact Doug at his website.  Doug also is part of a folk/bluegrass band, and they would provide wonderful entertainment for a party or special occasion.  (Doug has a beautiful singing voice and plays a mean banjo!)

Here's the video.  There is some footage of me as both a deacon (at the consecration service) and as a priest.  You will also see Bishop BASIL, our pastor Fr. Matthew MacKay, and Deacon Meletios Marx.  The best sight of all, however, happens about 20 seconds into the video, where you will see a young, beardless, future Bishop THOMAS (he was a deacon at the time).  Enjoy the video!

(Thanks to Eddie Brega, our webmaster, for putting this on YouTube. Oh, and one more thing: Does anyone recognize the voice of the narrator? Post a comment with your guess - no fair posting if you already know!).


Clint said...

My son, Joey, got some good face time in that video - awesome!

Fr. James Early said...

He sure did! (And what a great kid he is, by the way).

I just noticed that my beautiful daughter Audrey is in the video! (3:30, left side of screen).

Mike said...

I'm disqualified to guess the narrator. I have a recent book autographed by him! :-)

Mike Kendall

charlene said...

I will never forget my first visit to St. Josephs. The people were so warm, so loving, and so caring. One after another, people came up, with introductions and welcoming hugs. There was something so special here that I knew immediately it was home. When a church truly centers itself on God,it becomes a wonderfully functioal family. I am so blessed to have been led to this chuch. Thank you Father, for helping make this glow from within.