Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another OCMC update - Floyd & Ancuta Frantz

We have another update from one of our OCMC families. You can visit their page at OCMC here.

Greetings, and I hope that this finds you well today, and in good spirits on this the first Monday after Pentecost. Here in Romania we are celebrating "Spirit Day".

Today I would like to write about the Protection of the Theotokos Family Center, which is the program that my lovely wife Ancuta has developed over the past few years. It is a program that works to prevent the abandonment of new born children by their mothers. For many years this has been an issue in the Romanian society. Because of the poverty in some families, the mother abandons the newborn child to the state, believing that they will get better care that way. Actually, it is an act of desperation and hopelessness when they give up their child.

The Protection of the Theotokos Family Center works under the local Romanian Orthodox archdiocese, with funding through the Orthodox Christian Mission Center. Anca is essentially one of my fellow missionaries here in Romania. This story is very indicative of the situation for many people here in Romania today.

Ariana is one of the children in the programs, and now is 14 months old, and has tuberculosis. I found out about this when Anca asked me to take the babies from the center and some of the staff down to the hospital to be tested for Tb. When one child gets sick, often times others in the progam do as well. She probably picked up the Tb from her grandfather, whom she lives with. There are now three generations of this family living in a one bedroom apartment, and so these kinds of problems exist. This is not uncommon here in Romania, as there has been a serious housing shortage for several years.

Ariana's mother was abandoned as a child, and lived for a period of time in a village near Cluj, in the home of a relative who did not want her so she went out on her own quite early, at about 17 years of age. She had a good relationship with Fr. Liviu, one of the priests's who help us in our programs, and when she got into trouble she went to him for advice. He asked us to help her, and of course we agreed.

After the baby was born, they entered into our program and Florina, the mother, went back to school. Now they are both in the Tb hospital, along with the grandfather. We will give her support in keeping the child so that can finish high school, and get a job.

Even though Romania is an Orthodox country it has the highest abortion rate in Europe. It would have been easy for her to get an abortion. We respect her greatly for making the decision to give life, instead of taking what may be seemed like an easy way out.

Well, in an effort to keep things simple I will close for now. Next time I'll write something about the St. Dimitrie Program. There has been lots going on, and I have just been busy and put off writing until today. Thank all of you for your support, for your good words, and most of all for your prayers.

Please know that you can pass our postings on to others who you believe might be interested in our work.

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I do thank you for your interest in our work, for your support, and most of all for your prayers.

In His Love,
One day at a time,
Floyd & Ancuta Frantz, OCMC Missionaries

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Thank you so much for posting this update from Floyd and Ancuta!

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