Sunday, June 27, 2010

Early Family Update - Moving!

Fr. James here.  You may have noticed that I haven't posted anything in a long time.  There's a very good reason; I haven't just been lazy. 

For the first 12 years of our marriage, Jennifer and I moved 16 times, mainly due to the fact that we were overseas missionaries for 5 of those years.  In the eight years after that, we didn't move at all...until now.

8 years ago, we were blessed to be in a position to buy our first home ever.  It was a nice, relatively small starter home in a pleasant, relatively quiet neighborhood.  It was just what we needed at the time, with our three girls, aged 11, 4, and 1.

Over time, however, the girls got bigger and bigger, and God gave us another one to boot.  Before, long, our house was bursting at the seams.  Despite our efforts to not accumulate stuff, we found that every nook and cranny of the house was filled with things.  Also, we had a big almost 12-year-old, a 9-year-old, and a 5-year old all sleeping in one small bedroom.

So, as much as we liked our house and hated moving, it was time to move.

We had two main goals for our new home:  it needed to be big enough for all of us, and it needed a backyard that wasn't small. (We have two dogs, one of whom is pretty big, and of course, three school-age girls).  We looked at nearly a dozen houses, and while many of them were nice and had plenty of space, most of them had tiny backyards.  In some, it seemed that if you took more than three steps out the back door, you would run into the fence!

Finally, we found a gorgeous house with a huge backyard that backs up onto a creek.  The neighborhood is beautiful, and our street is a quiet, peaceful, cul-de-sac.  There were a few things we had to do to get the house ready, including repainting some of the walls, and getting a few new items of furniture (not to mention the fact that our washer bit the dust only two weeks after we moved in).

The move was made much easier by a great volunteer crew of 7 men from our church who drove all the way down from north and west houston to our home.  Our home is located in the city of Pearland, Texas, which is about 15 miles or so south of downtown Houston.  It is a great place to live, and we are blessed to be here.  It's actually further away from our church and from both of our workplaces, but it's well worth it.

Getting settled in, unpacking boxes, putting things where they need to go (after figuring it out!), and so on, has taken pretty much every spare minute of our time since the move.  And getting prepared for the move did the same for most of the second half of May and the first week of June.  But we've closed on our old home, and after much hard work, we're almost settled in.  There is still some work to do however, so blogging will probably be sparse for much of the rest of the summer.

As soon as I get time, I'll take and post some photos.  In the mean time, may God bless you all.


elizabeth said...

what a blessing! wishing you well as you settle in to you new home! Many years!

Dennis Justison said...

Congratulations Fr. James and family! I was in the Navy and know what it is like to move often, although not as often as you did! I don't like moving to this day. I am glad you found a home that fits your family better. Peace and joy in the Lord to all of you!

Benedict Seraphim said...

Congratulations! Sounds wonderful.