Friday, July 23, 2010

Katie Wilcoxson Update

Here is the latest email update from Katie Wilcoxson.  I actually chatted with her on Facebook this morning, and she is doing well.  She did say that she was sick for a while (not an uncommon occurrence for new missionaries), but that she is well now.  Please keep Katie in your prayers, and if you wouldn't mind, send her a quick email letting her know you are praying and thinking about her.

Katie's email is katiechkared2 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Greetings from Dar es Salaam!!!

I am sorry for my late update. We are now online, but I am not...

God willing I will be able fix my Internet problem when we head into town tomorrow. Right now we are staying at the Hostel in the Salvation Army headquarters. Think summer camp with: touch and go electricity, light dripping cold showers, sleeping under a mosquito net, and everyone speaking Kswahili and British English around you.You now have an idea of where I am right now.


The trip to Tanzania was full of events. Like "kidding around", for those of you who know me well, and getting blank stares from the employees at Heathrow airport. Most of the time Felice had to rescue me from these "situations." Staying in the Yo-tel at Heathrow airport for 4 hours. The Yo-tel was so worth it!! I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone with a layover at Heathrow or Gatwick. I can't and neither can Felice, my travelling partner, describe or tell you how wonderful and a true blessing, from our wonderful and gracious Lord, this place was for us. When I find where I put my camera, pictures will be posted. I would also like to give kudos to British Airways for telling me my English was horrible and serving us the best meals with free wine. The flight personal were very nice, except when they told me my English was horrible.


We slept off the jet lag as much as we could and I went out to dinner with the boys, Michael and James (my teammates). I had goat and chips (fries). The goat had "extras" in it and I tried to eat as much as I could because I was HUNGRY. The drinks were purchased first and had to be paid for right then. Then before dinner a waiter came around and gave us a bottle of soapy water and hot water from a pitcher to wash our hands. No napkins at all or anything to wipe you hands off with for that matter. After dinner the man came back and let us wash our hands in the same fashion. Then finally, the amount for the bill was shown to us on a large calculator and we paid and thanked them for the meal. We went back and crashed until 1pm the next morning.


We had a tour of the Dar es Salaam city. First we had to get there on the daladala (bus). The bus driver's lot in life is to fill up his bus with people so that they can feel each other's breath on their faces. "May I offer you a mint sir/ma’am." Mind you the fee for this"bus" is 250 shillings ($0.25) one way. Think of this "city" as a suburb with traffic, where there are no rules and people who walk are moving targets that have point on their backs for the drivers to hit.


Sunday was nice and relaxing. Services are served in Kswahili, Greek, and British English. I have missed and still love the doxology in Kswahili. The parish is small even though it is a cathedral. Lunch was a Steers the local MacDonalds of Tanzania. At this fast food joint pizza (Tanzanian style), Indian type food, and hamburgers (Tanzanian style) are served.


Kswahili lessons start with Christopher as my teacher. Christopher is a guard at the Salvation Army hostel where we live. His English is very good, but limited. He is a great teacher and very supportive to my very bad Kswahili. Lunch was in town, where we tried to get cell phones and USB modems, but were unsucessful at this because most everything closes at 2 pm.


Kswahili lessons continued. Afterwards we went to the local market (20 min walk) named Al-Jazireh's. Then we returned to downtown and purchased cell phones and USB modems, which don't work with Mac computers very well. I will be going Lala Salaam and will continue to the best of my ability and depending on the internet to keep everyone up to date on this life's dream of mine to serve "mission Tanzania."

Thank you everyone for your prayers, texts, emails, and love for this past week!!


elizabeth said...

what a lovely update! thanks for sharing this!

katie said...

Father was just one letter off for my email address. It is simpler just to use It all goes to the same account the other one is

Thank you so much for your support Father!!