Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just for Fun: Your First Day In Heaven

Well, as you may have read, the world was supposed to end today.  As of 8 PM, it still hasn't (unless I'm mistaken).  I'm sure it will at some point in the next 4 hours...

In honor of the fact that heaven is about to gain some new residents later today, I thought I would post videos of a couple of different versions of my favorite song for a gospel quartet, a song called "Your First Day in Heaven,"  Yes, the theology is totally off, but nevertheless the song is just plain fun (and fun to sing, too!).  The first version is by the Gaither Vocal Band and friends, and was made last year.  The second version is from 1966 and is by the legendary gospel quartet The Imperials.  Compare the two versions and see what you think.

Incidentally, one man sings in both versions. Can you guess which one?


Clint said...

In the second video, he is the guy on the far left - with the high voice.

Am I right?

Fr. James Early said...

Correct! The high tenor in the second video (Jim Murray, far left) is the third person to sing in the first video. And guess what else? I just realized that the second man from the left in the older video is Gary McSpadden, who is the first person to sing in the newer video (here's to Grecian formula!).