Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Col Cleland E. Early, USMC (Ret.) 1919-2004  (photo taken around the mid 1950's)

You took me to baseball and football games when I was a little boy, giving me a lifelong love for each sport and honoring me with your attention.

You helped me earn my Cub Scout badges.

When I was just too worn out to prepare the papers to throw on my afternoon paper route, you helped me.  You even drove me on the route when it was raining or I was just too tired.

You drove me to school every day and helped Mom with transporting me to band concerts and all my other activities.

You let me borrow your pickup when I needed some "wheels."

You drove me to Austin and back when I was in college and wanted to come home and see you.

You wouldn't let me wimp out on getting an engineering degree when I was tired of math and science. (And it has worked out well for me).

You came to visit me at seminary and came to my graduation, even though you had been opposed to me going there.

You loved my children like they were your own.

Even when I made decisions that you didn't approve of, you always in the end said that you were proud of me.

You taught me right from wrong.

You taught me to always do the best I can in everything I do; "pretty good" is not good enough.

You were a great father, and I was blessed to have you in my life for 36 years.  I love you and miss you. 

I hope to see you again some day.


Clint said...


elizabeth said...

Memory Eternal! What beautiful pictures of your father.

Joel said...

That's a great share. Thanks

Kim Robbins said...

Well done!

Kim Robbins said...

Well done!

Dennis Justison said...

Wow. This is really cool. Somehow I know you are being the same kind of father to your children, your physical children and the spiritual ones as well. Double blessings to you Father James.