Friday, June 24, 2011

Southernmost Russian Orthodox Church

It would be natural to imagine that dealing with the fierce climate in Antarctica leaves little time for religion. But as RT found out during a visit to the southernmost continent, that is not the case.

­Perched atop a picturesque, rocky hill overlooking the sea, sits a typical and tiny Russian Orthodox church. The scene, which looks like it was taken right out of a Siberian picture-book, is in fact one of the views of Russia’s Bellinsghausen Polar Station.

So far, this is the only Russia’s Antarctic station that has a church. This makes the Trinity Church the southernmost Russian Orthodox church on the planet.

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Mattexian said...

I saw this article before, and it amazes me that the ROC would be so dedicated, that they make sure their followers have a building specifically for worship, even in the most inhospitable places of the world. It's more amazing than the Russian Army's portable Orthodox chapel for the troops in the field.

Cool site, first time here, I followed a link at Byzantine, Texas.

Fr. James Early said...

Thanks, Mattexian! Glad to have you on board!