Monday, July 11, 2011

New Icons - Old Friends

Our icon corner at home. The two newest icons here are the Righteous Noah and Jonah, found at the far left and right, respectively.

My wife and I have a friend that writes icons. He lives in Pennsylvania, and we have never met in person. However, we have several of his icons in our home. We recently purchased three more to add to our growing collection.

This time, we received these:

1. Christ the Bridegroom.
2. The Righteous Noah.
3. The Prophet Jonah.

Each of them are absolutely beautiful. As we opened the package in which they were shipped and saw them with our own eyes for the first time, we were just overwhelmed by them. We truly are blessed!

They are now hanging in our home, amongst the other icons that we have. Each icon has one or more holy forerunners in the faith. We are "surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses" (See Hebrews 12). It is a wonderful reality that we have in the Orthodox Church, where those saintly people who have lived and died for their faith are remembered not only in name, but in physical representation. I don't want to go into an apology for icons.

Today, I just want to marvel at the beauty that they teach and proclaim. God is good. He is holy and righteous. He makes his people that same way. These icons are a reminder of that.

Yeah... we truly are blessed.

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elizabeth said...

this is indeed a great blessing! happy for you!