Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Somtimes there is stuff going on

Image from here. Not sure what it has to do with learning Korean...

I just realized that it is almost three weeks since Fr. James or I posted anything here. I realize that is too long.



Just kidding. Actually, we have both been extremely busy. Between his job, family, duties as a priest, course work in History, etc.


My job, family, St. Stephen's residency, course work in History, etc.

We have both just been swamped and have had little time to make an posts.

I promise that neither of us has dropped from the face of the earth. I am also not quite egotistical enought to think that everyone has just been checking the blog every hour to see if we have finally posted something. Still, many of us have built some sort of online relationship with one another, and I figured it was the nice thing to do to let you know that we will eventually get more stuff posted.


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James the Thickheaded said...

From time to time I wonder that the whole of Orthoblogdom isn't wearying of blogging and moving from thinking about Orthodoxy to just living it. Maybe that gives us too much credit, but it's a possibility.