Sunday, November 4, 2012

Update from Floyd and Ancuta Frantz in Romania

Greetings from Cluj this most blessed and beautiful of days. 
It has been a few weeks since I last wrote, and so today I wanted to get you caught up on our activities here in Romania. Is was a busy summer that has passed by us so quickly that only now in late October does it seem like Fall.
Our St. Dimitire day-center in Cluj continues to offer a hot meal to the homeless each day, and it has been used to capacity. Also, our counseling groups are staying full. These days we are having a wider spectrum of society come in for help with addictions problems, usually for alcoholism. The drug epidemic has not fully reached Romania. As the economic situation changes, we expect there to be more addiction cases. Of course we also provide spiritual counseling at our day-center, along with job counseling, a place for our homeless clients to shower and wash clothing, and we offer other services to help them improve their lives. We also offer counseling for the family members, even if their partners are not coming to the groups.
Regarding the educational side of our program, our faculty course on addictions has been printed by the Patriarchate. That is a big hurdle for us as we did not have the funds to print it ourselves. This month Fr. George A. from Los Angeles and I have been traveling around with the Metropolitan of Iasi giving lectures for the priests in Moldova about the "Passion of Addictions and its Spiritual Healing". We also offered them copies of the faculty course, along with copies of "Steps of Transformation". In all, we did about 10 conferences in 10 days.b
The picture above represents an important milestone in my work here in Romania. It was an international conference, hosted by the National Anti-drug Program (PNA) of the Romanian Orthodox Church, the St. Dimitrie Program, Fr. Iulian's program in Iasi, and the Orthodox Faculty Seminary of the University of Sibiu. It was here last week that we began an association of the programs and priests that we have been working with and training for the past several years. It is not formalized yet, but is will be in the next few months. Everything over here takes time. As Bishop Basil in Wichita told me before I came here in 2000, "Floyd, if you go to Romania, you will need to learn patience" right he was.
I don't like to end on a sad note, but I must this time. One of my staff, Irina, was seriously injured in an automobile accident on her way to the conference at Simbata. The van she was riding in hit a bad place in the road, and the driver lost control. The van went down an embankment and flipped three times. She is still in the hospital, and I ask you to pray for her comfort and return to full health. God will reward you.
I will close for now by wishing you a most blessed and Christ filled day. May our good and loving Lord give you every good thing from His heavenly treasures, joy, peace and a sense of his divine love for us all. It is there for us all the time, all we need to do is to reach out and take it. 
And I do thank you for your interest in our work, please do keep us in your prayers, we all need them.
In His Love,  
One Day at a Time,  
Floyd & Ancuta Frantz, OCMC Missionaries to Romania
As as a final note, please remember that as OCMC missionaries we are 100 % reliant upon your financial support to continue our work through OCMC. Please consider a small gift so that we can continue to do our Lord's work.
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We do thank you for your interest in our work, for your support, and most of all for your prayers.
In His Love,
One day at a time,
Floyd & Ancuta Frantz, OCMC Missionaries

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